At Latchingdon C of E Primary School we teach our curriculum through a thematic approach where possible, because children find this more interesting and we can capture their enthusiasm to develop subject specific skills in a purposeful way. Children are also able to see the connections between the different subject areas.

We believe that children should develop independence and the ability to take responsibility for their own learning. We support our children in becoming ‘aspirational’ – aiming high – in order to make the most of their learning opportunities.

Subject Leadership:

Maths – Miss S Spicer

English/Phonics – Mrs L Hall

Wellbeing Ambassador (P.E., R.S.E. & P.S.H.E.) – Mrs D Bishop

Creative Ambassador (Drama, Art & Music) – Mrs D Lottering

Ingenuity Ambassadors (Science, Computing & Design Technology) – Mrs D Anderson & Mrs C Deacon

Curiosity Ambassador (Geography, History, Religious Education & Modern Foreign Languages) – Mrs L Hall


Children learn best when:

  1. The whole team works and collaborates effectively
  2. Their learning is well planned and differentiated, with tasks well matched to abilities, interests and learning style. Work is differentiated and groups and individual children are given additional support when needed.
  3. They clearly understand the purpose, context and content of what is being taught.
  4. Their learning is evaluated and assessed and they are clear about what they need to do to make further progress.
  5. They are happy and secure in school, feel valued for their efforts and their individuality.
  6. They are supported by their peers and work as part of a learning community.
  7. Their learning is supported at home and there is strong communication between home and school.
  8. Their learning environment is purposeful, well organised, varied and inspiring.
  9. They have a positive and confident attitude towards learning and feel involved, inspired and motivated.
  10. Their physical, spiritual, moral, cultural, social and emotional needs are understood and valued.