School Clubs

School Clubs – Summer Term 2024

All our clubs are reviewed termly to enable all children the opportunity to take part and places are offered on a first come, first served basis.  We will try to ensure that all children are able to attend at least one of their choices.

Please note that children are expected to attend each week and must provide a written note from parents if they are not attending at any time.  This is to ensure that members of staff know which children are under their supervision and a register is kept for safety reasons.

TuesdayLunchtimeClub: Gardening Club
Age Group: Year 4 to Year 6
Run by: Mrs Bishop & Mrs Harkett
Duration: 23/4/24 to 9/7/24
Wednesday8.00am to 8.40amClub: Gymnastics Club
Age: Year 1 to Year 6
Run by: Ms S Walsh (fully qualified Gym Coach)
Duration: 17/5/24 to 24/6/24 (9 sessions – no club 8/5/24)
Cost: £2.50 per session (total £22.50)
WednesdayLunchtimeClub: Outdoor Games Club
Age Group: Year R to Year 2
Run by: Mrs Deacon & Mrs Lottering
Duration:24/4/24 to 10/7/24 (no club 3/7/24)
Wednesday3.10pm to 4.00pmClub: Archbishops’ Youth Leadership Award Club
Age Group: Year 3 to 6
Run by: Mrs Hall
Duration: 24/4/24 to 10/7/24
Cost: £12
Thursday3.10pm to 4.00pmClub: Multi Sports Club
Age Group: Year 3 to Year 6
Run by: Miss Murphy High Class Sports
Duration: 25/4/24 to 4/7/24 (10 sessions)
Cost: £3 per session (total £30)
Friday8.00am to 8.30amClub: Times Tables Rock Stars Club
Age Group: Year 2 to Year 6
Run by: Mrs Bishop
Duration: 26/4/24 to 12/7/24