Design & Technology at Latchingdon C of E Primary School

Design and technology topics are planned for each term and taught across a whole key stage. Where possible this will link with the key stage termly topic.

We aim to:

  • Provide children with the opportunities and skills to flourish creatively.
  • Encourage children to become a successful designer through designing, making and evaluating a range of products.
  • Widen children vocabulary and use of technical language.
  • Understand the importance of nutrition and how to cook.
  • Encourage children to become resourceful and innovative.

How we will achieve our aims:

  • Children will engage in a rage of designing and making.
  • Develop ideas and techniques by creating products considering their purpose.
  • DT will be included in cross- curricular lessons in all year groups (such a forest schools)
  • A range of DT resources will be accessible for children to explore.
  • High quality teaching.

We will know we’ve achieved our aims if:

  • Children will be able to talk with confidence and pleasure about their DT products.
  • Children are able to apply their DT knowledge to other areas of the curriculum.
  • Children will take pride in their DT products and be able to link them to the wider world around them.
  • Children enjoy DT lessons and discover new talents and interests.