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About Us

The Aims of the School

The school aims to provide a safe, stimulating environment in which pupils will develop:

  • Lively, enquiring minds, with the ability to question and argue rationally, and to apply themselves to tasks confidently and independently. 
  • A reasoned set of attitudes, values and beliefs.
  • Health and fitness and become equipped with a range of physical skills.
  • The skills necessary to cope with an ever changing world and become well-rounded individuals.
  • Interests which will enable them to enjoy and make the best use of their leisure time.
  • Respect for others, regardless of their ethnic origin or socio-economic background, and to understand that people have different religions, beliefs and ways of life.
  • Good relationships and a sense of belonging to the school community.

Parents can assist the school in achieving these aims by:

  • Ensuring that children attend school in good health maintained by an adequate diet.
  • Ensuring that they attend regularly, punctually and suitably dressed.
  • Providing support for discipline within the school.
  • Being realistic about their children's abilities and offering encouragement and praise.
  • Encouraging and helping with homework and hearing reading. 
  • Attending parents' consultation evenings and other meetings relevant to their child.
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