The school has an active association, which organises a variety of events for adults, children and families.  Much needed funding is raised from these events to buy additional resources for the children, such as play equipment, extra computers, books and musical instruments, to name but a few.  From September 2021 the school has a new Wellbeing/Quiet area which has been funded by the PTFA.

All events organised by the PTFA are advertised on the school website, in the school Newsletter and on their Facebook page.

PTFA Members

Please see below the current members of our PTFA:

Chairperson – Mrs E Argyle

Vice Chairperson – Mrs M Harkett

Treasurer – Mrs G Norcross

Secretary – Miss F Gore

Headteacher – Mrs  J Kemp

Parent helpers are very welcome – please contact one of the existing PTFA members for further information.