Modern Foreign Languages at Latchingdon C of E Primary School

Children in KS1 are introduce to French through activities such as counting and answering the register.

Children in KS2 learn French using Language Angels as a starting point for their lessons.

We aim to:

  • Ensure that all children experience a good quality first voice.
  • To provide opportunities for all children to develop their knowledge of the language through a wide range of activities.
  • Allow children to practise the skills of speaking, reading and writing in French.
  • Give children the opportunity to understand the culture of the countries where French is spoken.
  • To ensure that all children are able to access the curriculum.

How we will achieve our aims:

  • High quality teaching that is adapted to include all children.
  • Weekly French lessons for all KS2 year groups.
  • Lessons providing regular opportunities for practising a variety of skills through games, songs and other interactive activities.
  • Skills and knowledge progress across year groups.
  • Offer enrichment opportunities such as themed days and weeks.

We will know we’ve achieved our aims if:

  • Children recognise the importance of learning a Modern Foreign Language.
  • Most children can talk with confidence about what they’ve learned in French lessons.
  • Children are engaged in their lessons and progress can be seen.
  • Children are prepared for the next stage of their Modern Foreign Language learning.