Religious Education at Latchingdon C of E Primary School

R.E. is taught following the Essex Locally Agreed Syllabus 2022.

We aim to:

  • Ensure that all children have a good understanding of religions and what it means to belong to a religious community.
  • To provide opportunities for all children to learn about different world beliefs and religions as well as a deeper understanding of Christianity.
  • Allow children to become critical thinkers, providing opportunities for children to challenge, discover and question.
  • To have an understanding of how religion can be interpreted in different ways around the world.
  • To ensure that all children are able to access the curriculum.

How we will achieve our aims:

  • High quality teaching that is adapted to include all children.
  • Weekly R.E. lessons for all year groups.
  • Lessons providing regular opportunities for practising a variety of skills linked to theology, philosophy and human and social science.
  • Encouragement to share ideas in a respectful manner and environment.
  • Skills and knowledge progress across year groups.
  • Visits to places of worship.
  • Using artefacts to engage and inspire children’s curiosity.

We will know we’ve achieved our aims if:

  • Children recognise the importance of learning about other religions and Christianity.
  • Most children can talk with confidence about what they’ve learned in R.E. lessons.
  • Children can use the resources around them to support independent learning.
  • Children are prepared for the next stage of their R.E. learning.